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Increase Employee Productivity with Comprehensive Performance Reviews

A performance review’s primary goal is to provide employees with insight into their shortcomings in their particular roles. It is used to help employees perform better and become more valuable members of the team.

Enable A Positive Corporate Culture Through Shared Values

A clear understanding of your company’s values can help employees develop a sense of integrity. Your employees will be more likely to follow in your footsteps and adhere steadfastly to moral and ethical principles if you lead by example.

Uncover New Workforce Potential Through Internships

Each individual at one point in their life is motivated to join an internship program to build work experience and credibility. Creating an internship program empowers your business reputation and offers you the opportunity to create opportunities for these interns to become permanent.

Enable A Strong Business Morale Through Employee Appreciation

A positive workplace culture has become essential in the modern workplace. Through the showcase of employee appreciation, many organisations have discovered how it changed their overall work environment to be positive.

Attract The Right Candidates With Transparent Company Values

Employee value propositions seem like a time-wasting task that is not a necessity within your organisation. Yet, many organisations have discovered the value in having an employee value proposition, especially when it comes to recruitment.

The Benefits Of Improving Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing play a key role within the workplace, and it affects numerous factors, including their workload and productivity. There are key benefits that organisations experience when they implement efforts to improve their employee wellbeing.

Essential Elements For A Positive Employee Experience

Happy employees make for a more productive work environment. A positive employee experience guarantees a higher retention rate within any organisation.

Why Your Turnover Rate Is So High

Employees come and go within any organisation. Some leave on good ground, but other leave due to certain causes and reasons within the organisation.

Why Offboarding Is Essential To Your Company

It is important for organisations to implement an offboarding process that offers both parties the ability to part ways in a positive and professional manner.

Manage The Actions Of Your Workforce Professionally

Managing workforces is an essential task that many managers and HR personnel have to do on a daily basis.

Empower Workforces Both In And Out Of Office

The use of digital HR management has become essential to provide workforces with their necessary tools for a positive work environment.

How HR Artis Is Built For Your Convenience

Human Resources is an essential part within any organisation, it plays a significant role from payroll to handling grievances.

7 Ways To Establish Corporate Values With HR Artis

Corporate values and culture work together towards empowering workforces and enable business continuity with a higher retention rate.

Successfully Streamline Your Onboarding Process With HR Artis

It is critical to have a set process that guarantees that the new employee understands the rules, policies, and processes that occur daily within the organisation.

Enhancing Workplace Inclusivity With HR Artis

It is essential to enhance overall inclusivity within any business. Empower your workforces with digital HR that enhances workplace inclusivity.

How To Create Employee Engagement With HR Artis

It is important to develop employee engagement for a positive and lasting workplace environment that offers multiple benefits for any business.

The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly HR Management Software

Utilising digital HR software offers multiple advantages, including the ability to enable an eco-friendly workplace for workforces.

How Our Digital Dashboards Enable Workforce Transparency

Transparency is a key aspect that empowers workforces within any organisation. Enabling workforce transparency is critical and attainable through digital dashboards.

Workforce Planning For High-Performing Organisations With HR Artis

Key factors of high-performing organisations are linked to effective workforce planning, and the need for centralised workforce management software enables efficiency within any organisation.

The Importance Of Effective Performance Reviews

Workforces dread the word: Performance reviews, many do not understand the reasons and importance behind them.

The Effects Of Negative Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is about shared values and visions that a business and its employees value and share.

Tips For Effective Team Meetings

It is critical to utilise different tips and tricks to ensure that effective team meetings are held.

The Importance Of Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of any business determines the overall health and wellbeing of the company, employees, and the customers.

5 Factors That Effect Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a vital aspect of any organisation, as it is based on the shared beliefs and values in the organisation.

Transforming corporate culture in 5 steps

Research has shown that corporate culture can be the make or break of a company, and HR processes also influence the outcome.

See The Value In Empowering Workforces

It is important for any organisation to empower their employees to do and be more in their daily work lives.

5 Benefits Of Using Digital Time And Attendance

Time and attendance is a key aspect in any business, as it showcases workforces and the times that they come in and leaving.

Sharing Corporate Values With Workforces

It is important for any organisation to identify, shape, implement and communicate the core values of the company to workforces.

Modern HR Tools Drive Value Creation

Modern HR tools drive value creation through return on investments for any organisation.

6 Tips To Creating A Positive Workplace Environment.

It is important to discover the root cause of the negativity and eliminate it to creating a positive workplace environment.

Keeping Employee And Applicant Data Secure

Employee and job applicant data is confidential and not everyone needs to have access to it…

Digitizing Workforce Management With HR Artis

Optimizing the productivity of workforces is a key aspect for organisations…

Free Up Your Workforce With HR Artis

The new digital age and the post COVID 19 life are two prominent features in the daily lives of workforces.

Enhancing Corporate Culture Through HR Artis

HR Artis offers businesses the ability to create a positive workforce environment by giving their employees endless abilities…

Our Unique Configurable HR Solution

The setup process of HR Artis is unique and user-friendly, due to the configurator each company has the power to choose…


The Key To Ultimate Employee Performance

HR Artis is an online workforce management solution with Specialized features that are uniquely integrated with the purpose to empower employees.

Eliminating Paper Based HR Processes

HR Artis was created to eliminate the use of paper-based system and to fast track any HR process in a unique and quick manner…

The Considerations For HR App That Drives Employee Engagement

Businesses must digitize their HR functions to attract young talent and keep their workforce engaged, says HR Artis.


HR Artis Launches New Version Of Workforce Management Mobile Application

We announced that we are launching a new and improved version of our workforce management mobile solution: HR Artis.

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