Why Your Turnover Rate Is So High

Why Your Turnover Rate Is So High

Employees come and go within any organisation. Some leave on good ground, but other leave due to certain causes and reasons within the organisation. Understanding the reasons of your employees leaving is a critical aspect that should be looked at. Offboarding processes offer organisations the opportunity to discover the underlying reason why your employees are leaving.

Employee turnover rates are statistics that are based on the number of employees leaving within a certain time period divided by the average number of employees, then multiplied by 100 for a percentage. Calculating the percentage. The higher the number the higher your concern should be, for example a 70% turnover rate is alarmingly high.

One main cause in high employee turnover rates is inefficient management. Micromanagement is a key factor for employees leaving. There is a saying that goes: “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” It is important to understand that your organisation hires individuals for their skills, and micromanagement makes them feel inadequate. Similarly, it is essential to promote and hire managers that have both experience and skills to ensure optimal efficiency within your organisation.

To fix this problem, it is essential to offer continuous training that help managers learn new leadership skills that eliminate micromanagement. Offering internal promotions to managers through a secure portal that HR Artis offers, guarantees that managers are promoted with adequate skills and years under their belt.

Workplace cultures play an incredible role when it comes to turnover rates. A negative corporate culture includes aspects such as gossiping in the office, unequal work load distribution, micromanagement, lack of accountability and a big emphasis on punishment to prevent any growth. Negative and toxic workplace culture opens the door to increasing turnover rates. Employees leave toxic work environments to new organisations where they will feel welcomed and encouraged to expand their skills and knowledge.

To fix a toxic corporate culture, it is essential to listen to what your workforces need. Corporate culture requires consistent work and nurturing to guarantee that it fits with your workforces and the environment that workforce takes part in. HR Artis assist businesses to implement and share key corporate values with all workforces.

Workforces that are overworked, under paid and lack recognition have a higher tendency to leave their current work environment in search for new job opportunities. Workforces that have to pick up the slack of other team members. Team members that have to work nights and do the work of 3 people guarantees a higher turnover rate. Valued workforces that are paid what they are worth have less tendency to leave their current work environments.

To fix this, it is essential to have enough team members to prevent them from being overworked. To retain employees, it is critical to pay them what they are worth and for the work that they have completed. Providing recognition to relevant employees, makes workforces feel valued, and it drives them to be more efficient with the workloads. Recognition, higher salaries and sharing workloads lowers turnover rates.

The last reason why employees leave their current is when they feel it is a dead-end job. Workforces leave their positions if they feel there is no more opportunities to grow or expand in their careers or position. People crave progress, and they have ambitions to improve their current standing, but if they do not receive the recognition or promotion they leave for better opportunities.

To fix this problem, it is essential to offer growth opportunities or promotions to all workforces. HR Artis offers organisations the capability to open internal training opportunities and promotion options internally. Empower your workforces with growth opportunities that make them feel valued.

Turnover rates are a looming fear for any organisation. It is important to view high turnover rates as opportunities to enhance daily operations that turn turnover rates into retention rates. HR Artis offers business the opportunity to tackle their high turnover rates into high retention rated. Discover how HR Artis can empower your business.