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Enhance corporate culture with HR Artis through transparency, self-service and configuration. Empowering businesses with secure global access to workforce data.

Empowering businesses with secure global access to workforce data.

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About HR Artis

Enabling decision makers to empower and innovate their workforce with our single application.​
HR Artis has been digitally designed with robust technology to bring your workforce together with streamlined scheduling, effortless communication and information at your fingertips. It has been designed to give employees and managers access to on demand critical information on a single platform with a digital experience. Apart from transmitting information, HR Artis enables communication in a professional and dynamic way increasing productivity of teams, by making it easier to share vital information in a consolidated workspace.
HR Artis has been proven to be fast, secure and intuitive, keeping your employee information safe and proving that workforce management has never been so easy.

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Global Access

A cloud based solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.


User-friendly application that is configurable to every company and user, simplifying innovative interactions.


Provide employees with an easy to use HR application that is secure and convenient.


Simplify your HR management through an application that automatically updates information after it is entered.
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HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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