Keeping Employee And Applicant Data Secure.

Keeping Employee And Applicant Data Secure.

Human resource teams are in charge of a lot of sensitive data. Employee and job applicant data is confidential and not everyone needs to have access to it. Paper based processes offer limited protection against snooping eyes.

Human resource teams are required to handle documents and processes with utmost confidentiality. If the data is not kept secure and confidential it could lead to lawsuits, data breaches and identity theft of their other employees.

A critical aspect to keeping sensitive information secure is to have certain processes in place that will enforce privacy. Through restrictive access and proper discarding methods, the information of employees can be protected. The need for a secure human resource strategy is key, as it will ensure that processes are followed to keep all information safe from exploitation or damage.

Job applicants trust organisations to keep their data safe, every time that they apply for a job. As confidential data is placed on an applicant’s form and CV, they have to be protected from the possibility of identity theft.

Employee data needs to be protected as the information includes personal details that relate to individuals. These records include their medical information, the compensation, and benefits they receive from the organisation. It also includes the attendance information as well as the termination details and documents that previous employees have signed.

Keeping investigation records of harassment and policy violations secure is essential, as it protects all parties involved from being exploited in the workplace. Preserving the confidentiality of certain investigations ensures a fair and discreet investigation within the organisation.

Using a digital solution offers advanced protection of all employee and job applicant information. It offers businesses the ability to input extra restrictive measures that authenticates users before allowing them access.

HR Artis is a digital workforce management solution that offers secure protection to all workforce data with a centralised database that requires authentication before it can be accessed. Protect your workforce from being exploited or harassed about their private information with a digital HR solution.

Workforces have the ability to securely access their own data through one application, they can also securely upload documents that are linked to their profile. Protect your workforce with a mobile application that requires user authentication with a unique username and password to prevent other users from accessing the incorrect data.

Through the implementation of unique work flows, businesses have the ability to grant permission to users to view and access different data on different levels. With easy configuration, HR Artis allows businesses to protect user data while simplifying HR processes with state-of-the-art technology that is user-friendly for the users.

Human resource teams have the ability to upload and store job applicant data on the HR Artis application, it allows them to access the data when they need to. Keep a secure cloud based record of all employee information that follows privacy laws and protects each individual.

Gain a competitive advantage with a cloud based storage solution that keeps applicant and employee data secure from outside threats or internal harassment. HR professionals should understand that all employee information should be considered as confidential and should be handled as such.

Understanding and maintaining the protection and confidentiality of both employee and applicant data is important. HR Artis strives to protect each individual that utilizes the applicant. Unique and dedicated policies are enforced for enhanced data protection to ensure that confidential data is kept confidential.

Keep confidential information secure and heighten the integrity and credibility with a secure mobile workforce management application.