How HR Artis Is Built For Your Convenience

How HR Artis Is Built For Your Convenience

Human Resources is an essential part within any organisation, it plays a significant role from payroll to handling grievances. Utilising a digital HRM solution empowers businesses and workforces with a user-friendly solution that offers centralised access to essential data. HR Artis offers businesses with a convenient and seamless HR solution that simplifies all HR processes within one application.

HR Artis is developed with unique features that are designed to empower workforces by enabling them to take control of their leave and expense application. Eliminate paper based processes that have the chance to get lost, all workforces have the ability to apply for their leave in advance on their smartphones with guided assistance. Conveniently apply for leave and expenses, and track the approval process from your mobile device with HR Artis.

Clock in and clock out processes waste time and efficiency, with HR Artis workforces have the ability to take their time management into their own hands with a few easy steps. Link your facial recognition and access control to HR Artis to automate your time and attendance solution. Automatically clock your employees in once they scan their access cards or open a door with facial recognition. HR Artis enabling convenience with hassle-free integrations and easy login processes.

Comparing time stamps and manual clock watching is a tedious and time-wasting process. HR Artis offers managers the ability to access real-time reports on workforces through their mobile device. Accurate insights based on the time management and project completions of your workforces through digital dashboards. Access necessary information through dedicated dashboards to ensure that all teams complete projects on time.

Payslips, contracts and new policies need to be shared with workforces. Paper based processes are time-wasting and they have a negative effect on the environment. HR Artis offers businesses the ability to upload documents to different profiles for real-time access. Workforces get notified once document have been uploaded. Empower your workforces with the ability to view all important documents on their mobile devices, without having to go to HR and wait for the documents to be retrieved. Keep confidential information secure with unique profiles for each employee.

Control the access to grievances and disciplinary actions with a secure mobile application that stores all necessary information from workforces on their own personal profiles. Digital HRM offers businesses the ability to prevent bullying or gossiping by ensuring that personal information stays confidential with unique passwords. Have the convenience of accessing essential information through a mobile application.

HR Artis is configured with designated work flows. Set approval processes to ensure that each team has their own approval process. Guarantee swift approvals of leave and expense requests with a touch of a button. Manage all requests in real-time with alert notifications that prevent late approvals.

Empower your business with convenience through HR Artis. Comprehensive HRM solution that streamlines your internal processes and empowers your workforces. Give your workforces the ability to take their HR needs into their own hands with a mobile solution dedicated to their HR needs.

Discover the convenience of HRM today with HR Artis. Tailor our HR solution to your unique business requirements with a hassle-free setup process. A scalable HR solution that grows as your business grows on a global scale. Innovate your business with convenience with HR Artis.