Free up your workforce with HR artis.

Free up your workforce with HR artis.

The new digital age and the post COVID 19 life are two prominent features in the daily lives of workforces. While technology looks daunting to many workplaces, especially with the rise in cyber-attacks, it is also a saving grace to allow organisations to free up time by eliminating old paper based processes. HR Artis offers businesses the ability to free up their workforces in three different methods.

Free up your workforce with HR artis:

  1. Digital time and attendance:

Give your workforce the ability to minimize time wastage with the ability to clock in and out through a mobile application. Workforces have the ability to register their time and attendance through their mobile devices to minimize time wastage with manual time and attendance.

Connecting facial recognition to HR artis will fast track the time and attendance process while being touch free and more secure. Protect and free up your workforce through a mobile application that offers them the ability to complete their time and attendance on a mobile device.

Digital time and attendance offers businesses the ability to simplify the tracking and processing of schedules and to simplify payroll processing, as it offers detailed accountability of each individual in the business.  

2. Digital documents:

Businesses and workforces have the ability to upload and access all their documents through a secure mobile application that requires authentication before being allowed to access. Freeing up your workforce by allowing them to access their payslips and contracts from their mobile devices when they need it.

Secure access to digital documents minimizes paper wastage and frees up workforces as they can have secure access to their documents from anywhere and at any time. HR artis allows businesses to upload and access their workforce documents securely through one mobile application.

3. Digital HR processes::

Paper-based HR processes can be time-consuming and wasteful on natural resources. HR Artis offers users the ability to request their leave by filling in a digital form and uploading the necessary documents. Through the implementation of work flows, approvals of leave and expenses are fast tracked as they are accessed and completely digitally.

Digitizing HR processes free up workforces as it allows them to perform their required HR needs in one centralised and secure mobile application. HR artis allows businesses to handle and manage their workforces in a secure and compliant manner to prevent miscommunication as well as protect workforces from being bullied by other individuals.

Keep your workforce safe with a digital HR solution that frees up time and allows them to focus on other projects with HR artis. Gain a competitive advantage with an all-in-one HR application that is easy to use and scalable to any business size.