Enhancing corporate culture through HR Artis

Enhancing corporate culture through HR Artis

Corporate culture has been in the business world for decades and it has influenced the outcome of many businesses, as it can determine the success or failure of any organization. Research has been done on what corporate culture is and what influences it, many researchers have suggested that HR processes influences the outcome. HR Artis is designed to offer businesses transparency that enhances their overall corporate culture.

Corporate culture has been defined as the main aspect of your business identity. In many corporations multiple cultures have to come together and create one culture, this culture can either make or break a company. Corporate culture has to be an alignment of vision, purpose and the goals of any business and it also needs to be flexible while being adaptable to the ever-changing world of people.

Good corporate cultures can increase business productivity and show results or a toxic culture can break a business. Research has shown that poor communication, toxic employees, micromanagement and bullying can create a toxic culture that will affect any business negatively.

The negative effects of a bad or toxic culture can influence the way employees look at their workplace environment. A bad culture influences employees to no longer strive for quality, but to just complete their deadlines and not to strive for perfection or to reach personal goals in their companies. A bad corporate culture can also lead to an increased amount of employee turnover, and this effects the company as it becomes harder to attract new recruits.

Research suggest that bad communication downgrades any corporate culture, the main reason behind the downgrade is HR processes. Paper based processes create poor communication in any business as it is a long approval process, it does not show employees the status of their requests and it increases the opportunity for lost documents or information.

HR Artis is a digital HR solution that empowers businesses through effective communication and transparency. HR Artis offers businesses the ability to create a positive workforce environment by giving their employees the ability to control their leave and expense request. The HR Artis design enables each employee the ability to submit their requests online and to view the pending statuses, they also get notified if their requests have been approved.

Our HR design is completely transparent as it offers workforces the ability to access contact information, securely access private documents and digitally apply for leave and expenses. We know the value of confidentiality and that is why we password protect every document to prevent data-loss or any exposure of sensitive documents. Through device compatibility each user can access their data from mobile devices to desktops, depending on the mobile features, they can activate biometrics for added security and peace of mind.

We offer innovative technology that enables workforce transparency and corporate culture. Our HR solution offers business a method for effective communication as each user has access to all employee contact information to ensure on time task completion.

Our confidential grievance and disciplinary process empower your workforce to create a positive work environment by reporting any toxic behaviour or bullying. We understand that positive corporate culture that is inclusive is the way of the future, that is why we offer any business a secure and digital HR solution.

Our digital dashboards have empowered management by granting them swift access to employee reports. Keep track of all your employee data with digital reports that showcase all data from time and attendance to leave schedules. Our HR solution empowers every user, as each employee has the ability to apply for new positions in the company through HR Artis. Prevent a high turnover number by offering your workforce the ability to confidentially apply for new positions.

Enhancing corporate culture is a necessity in any business, paper based HR processes play a big role in defining the culture. HR Artis is a unique digital solution that empowers businesses and their culture through efficiency and transparency. Create a positive work environment and culture with HR Artis.