Our unique configurable HR solution

Our unique configurable HR solution

HR Artis offers any business a unique experience with a digital HR solution that includes all the necessary features to ensure that all your HR needs are met. Our application developers have designed and coded an application that is user-friendly and device compatible, during the entire coding process a configurator was created that empowers business on every level to assist them with an easy set up.

Our main developers have created an easy to use application that includes a configurator. According to the oxford advanced learner’s dictionary configure means:” to arrange something in a particular way, especially computer equipment; to make equipment or software work in the way that the user prefers.” This definition highlights what a configurator is, in regards to HR Artis this means it gives every company has the ability to set up HR Artis to fit their business needs.

The setup process of HR Artis is unique and user-friendly, due to the configurator each company has the power to choose locations, languages, amount of employees and what should be visible on their dashboards. The configurator enables the company to choose their managers and the list of people who approve employee requests, this will fast track many approval and workflow aspects in any business.

Our configurator has been designed in such a manner that no user has to have any prior IT knowledge to set it up. We offer a solution that will simplify the HR processes in any business with only a touch of a button. Our configurator steps in from the beginning, as a company sets up their business profile. They inform the configurator of the number of profiles are needed, including their management level. The configurator has a unique set up and it requires no unnecessary information. It is designed like a survey, when a company sets up their profile they tick which settings they want and the rules that accompany it.

Our perfected design has empowered businesses through the simplicity of the drag and drop feature. Each business can arrange their profiles from CEO to cleaning staff with our HR solution that gives every user a unique name and password to protect them from any data-loss. Our configurator enables each user to personalize their profiles from the start by inputting their education, a small biography and their contact details.

Our scalable solution enables each business to configure new profiles for new employees on a global scale at any time. Our configurator is accessible on any device, our device compatible solution will fast track HR processes in any business.

We have spent years perfecting our configurator to ensure that no code needs to be altered during the setup process. We offer a unique and simplistic HR solution that includes all the necessary features from digital dashboards to disciplinary processes and everything in between. Our configurator enables security solutions for each business to prevent any data corruption or exposing workforces to confidential information.

The HR Artis configurator assists any business every step of the way. It has also been built to guide every business every step of the way to prevent any mistakes from occurring, and even if there is a mistake the profile creators can always call our 24/7 support desk, or change the settings afterwards. HR Artis offers businesses a transparent solution that empowers their workforce with the ability to view their progress and the statuses of their applications. Our easy to use application, with a built in configurator has enabled any sized business of any industry to be eco-friendly by going digital.