Transforming corporate culture in 5 steps

Transforming corporate culture in 5 steps

The rise in diversity has increased the need for a positive corporate culture in all businesses. Research has shown that corporate culture can be the make or break of a company, and HR processes also influence the outcome. Paper based HR solutions have shown that it downgrades corporate culture, in order for a company to prevent that they have to transform their culture. There are five steps to change the culture, a business has to define their core values, the managerial positions should lead the way, the workforce should be engaged, another aspect is recruiting the right people and lastly the company has to be patient and consistent.

Step 1: Define the core values of your business:

To understand core values, one must know what it is. Core values can be defined as principle beliefs of a person or organization that are of utmost importance. Through the understanding of core values, a business can determine their own. Research has shown that core values guide every action, if your organization has clear core values it will be interpreted in how you interact with your customers and your workforce. Clear communication with your workforce enhances your core values in any business.

Step 2: Lead by example:

Transforming corporate culture is a big step in any business. When every member in your organization understands the core values, the leaders should lead by example. Your leadership needs to understand their roles in the transformation and implement it in the work that they do. They also need to communicate the key message to the different teams and support each team during the process. There will be a cultural shift and with informed leaders each team member will know that they have a leader that understands and knows what they will feel during the entire process.

Step 3: Engaging your workforce:

In order to achieve a successful corporate cultural change, one has to communicate with your workforce. By sharing your new business vision and updating your workforce regularly, you will eliminate any fear in your team. By inviting your team to offer feedback, you change your culture more to be inclusive and understanding. The defining aspect of your corporate culture is the way your workforce works on a day-to-day basis. Thus, by linking the deeds of your workforce to a bigger goal, you can give value and meaning to any task that get completed.

Step 4: Recruiting the right people:

Any corporate culture needs diversity to thrive, in order to fulfil that a business has to recruit different individuals that contribute in unique and valuable methods. Recruiting qualified people is difficult on its own, but a business should not only recruit for skill, but for culture as well. Employees can manipulate corporate culture by infusing their own culture. That is why recruiting people that will enhance your own corporate culture in the same unique method is important.

Step 5: Be patient and consistent:

The familiar saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day.” Businesses have to take that into consideration when they transform their business. As corporate culture is deeply rooted in every function and aspect of a business, it can take time for each team member to have learned it and to start implementing it. By monitoring and analysing the progress of the transformation one can engage with your team and through the feedback you stay focused on the end goal that is positive corporate culture in your business.

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