Manage the actions of your workforce professionally

Manage the actions of your workforce professionally

Managing workforces is an essential task that many managers and HR personnel have to do on a daily basis. Workplace discrepancies occur regularly in workplaces, and it is important to manage all the actions of workforces professionally. Managing grievances and disciplinary actions has never been this ease, secure, and professional with the use of HR Artis, a digital HR management application.

Disciplinary action is the processes of reprimanding or correcting the action of an employee that had either poor performance, policy violations or entered into misconduct. These actions have different levels of severity therefore they have different forms of action, either a verbal or written warning, or a poor performance review. Disciplinary actions are there to showcase the severity of breaking policies or rules in the workplace. 

It is important to manage disciplinary actions with ease and confidentiality to prevent any gossip from breaking out in the workplace. HR Artis offers managers the ability to log disciplinary actions against employees that they have to reprimand for their actions. Through an easy and guided process, managers have the ability to manage the actions of individuals effectively. Securely manage all actions with disciplinary actions that link to employee profiles directly.

Grievances play a critical role for workforces as it empowers them with the ability to raise complaints or problems to employers. Grievance processes start informally and if the individual feels that the query has not been resolved they can formally lodge a grievance about their issue with their employer. This process offers workforces the ability to build a work environment that fits their personalities and needs.

Empower your workforces with a centralised HR management application that allows them to set meetings with their managers to informally set grievances about their current issues. Once individuals feel the issue has not been resolved, they have the ability to lodge formal grievances with their managers about their issues through a few easy guided steps. Give your workforces the ability to manage their work environment in a secure and confidential method to prevent any gossip.

Have the ability to manage the actions of your workforce in a secure and centralised method without the fear of missing paperwork with HR Artis. Discover the benefits of viewing grievances and disciplinary actions against your team or that your team has lodged in a few easy steps. Managers have complete control to ensure that their teams and workforces are managed effectively and confidentially.

Enable a competitive advantage with a secure HR application that links disciplinary actions, and grievances with designated managers and employees. Minimise workplace gossip about individuals and their problems with HR Artis. Handle all grievances and disciplinary actions through HR Artis to prevent other individuals from gaining access to confidential information and spreading rumours around the office.

Protect your workforces from gossip, rumours, and ridicule with a unique HR management solution that links all processes to dedicated profiles. HR Artis ensures that the actions of your workforces are managed professionally and according to all compliance laws. Centralised database storage ensures that all actions and documents required in the process has been signed, uploaded and stored securely. Keep all sensitive information linked to profiles with HR Artis.

Discover user-friendly HR software with HR Artis that ensures you manage all the actions of your workforces effectively and discreetly. Manage your workforce today with HR Artis.