Why Offboarding Is Essential To Your Company

Why Offboarding Is Essential To Your Company

People change positions and jobs throughout their entire working career. It is important for organisations to implement an offboarding process that offers both parties the ability to part ways in a positive and professional manner. Offboarding plays a key role within any organisation and offers the opportunity to implement changes for higher retention rates.

Any offboarding process is based on the steps any organisation takes when it parts with an employee, either through resignation. Retirement or even termination. The usual structure of offboarding includes the returning of assets, exit interviews, transferring knowledge to teams or replacements and lastly the signing of documentation and other legal procedures.

It is essential to any organisation to have a set offboarding process. Through a set process, any organisation can ensure that all assets are returned, and that key knowledge is transferred to replacements or the current team. Organisations have a key opportunity to gain insights as to why this employee is leaving. Through exit surveys and interviews organisations can understand why their employees are leaving.

Gain key insights from your employee’s perspective about their difficulties and their reason for leaving the organisation. Well-conducted interviews offer organisations the opportunity to improve current processes and improve on management capabilities that will enhance employee retention rates. Employees leaving on a regular basis needs to warn the organisation that there is a problem within, and that exit interviews offer them key insights as to where the problem lies. Offboarding processes offer key insights for organisations that could help them in increasing their retention rate.

Streamline your offboarding process with the use of automation and checklists. Ensure effective communication with HR Artis. Enable your competitive advantage with a digital HR solution that assists both parties during the offboarding process. Ensure that no key tasks are forgotten with a built-in template that ensures all tasks are completed and that all assets have been signed and returned. Effectively manage all access and restrictions with a digital HR solution that is profile based.

Security is a key aspect within any offboarding process. Whether the employee is leaving on a positive or negative note, it is important to ensure that all sensitive data is protected. Ensure that all access is restricted to devices, networks, servers as well as property. Keep sensitive information from being leaked to competitors by immediately restricting access once all knowledge and assets have been returned.

Offboarding processes includes finalizing all documentation. Before any employee departs, it is essential to have them sign all asset return forms, contracts and any other essential documentation. With a set offboarding process and a checklist, no step is missed, and both parties have clear communication and the opportunity to ask questions before departure.

Creating a positive offboarding process you ensure that the departure is on positive ground. With a positive process and listening to their reasons empowers your business brand that will help in creating a positive experience for current employees within the organisation. Enhance your corporate culture and have the necessary insights to eliminate any negative environments by listening to your employees that depart.

HR Artis gives your business the opportunity to implement and regularly assess an offboarding process that is positive and ensures that all key information that is gathered is sent to the correct parties. Streamline your offboarding process with a user-friendly mobile HR solution. Ensure that all key steps are performed before the employee departs with a set checklist. Discover how easy and important your offboarding process is with HR Artis.