The Key to Ultimate employee performance.

The Key to Ultimate employee performance.

Johannesburg – Structured human resources is undoubtedly the key in any organization, which can be difficult to manage without the necessary resources. The objectives of HRM (Human Resource Management) can range from the requirement assessments to management and retention of the same.

To this effect, Human Resource Management is responsible for the efficient implementation of various policies procedures and programs. It is all about developing and managing knowledge, skills, creativity, aptitude and talent and above all else, optimal utilization.

HR Artis is our solution to any organization’s Human Resource requirements. It’s digitally designed with robust technology to bring your workforce together with streamlined scheduling, effortless communication and information at your fingertips. The application offers your business a complete, on the go employee management solution, designed to transmit information, create professional collaboration and provides you with dynamic communication straight through your business.

HR Artis is an online workforce management solution with Specialized features that are uniquely integrated with the purpose to empower employees, to take action and manage their HR workforce effectively, making it convenient, accessible and more productive.

“The HR Artis application has been proven to be fast, reliable, secure and intuitive. When using the application, it automatically provides information that is secure, correct and easily accessible”- Michelle Gomes- Operations Director at SA Personnel.

Managers can plan out employees leave and attendance, track their comprehensive reports and manage their workflow within a certain department with ease. Timesheets and expenses can be submitted through the system, streamlining your company bureaucracy and simplifying the process for other departments like finance

HR Artis is a complete Human Capital Management system and can be downloaded and easily installed on any platform. For more elaboration on our specialized workforce Management solution, call us on +27 11 506 8600 or reach us on

3 February 2020

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