HR Artis launches new version of workforce management mobile application.

HR Artis launches new version of workforce management mobile application.

HR Artis, a global Human Resources Software company, this week announced they are launching a new and improved version of their workforce management mobile solution: HR Artis.

Built to help organizations efficiently manage their most important-asset people, the new HR Artis will support workforce management, increased team productivity, vital information sharing in consolidated workspaces through professional and dynamic communication, and a unique, agile customer service experience that promotes excellence within the organization.

Digital Dashboards:

New landing view featuring mini dashboards providing you with a unique overview of your team, all reports and activities. Use the reports and activities features to easily keep track of your team.


UI overhaul of the app to provide improvements and stability fixes on all existing features, as well as simplify the user experience whilst creating user-friendly and innovation interactions.


Our innovative application can be configured by the user with ease, enabling a simplified, personalized experience that ensures individual users’ needs are met.

HR Artis comes with a slew of benefits, including :new IOS, Android and Windows versions, mobile app access from anywhere, insightful digital dashboards, increased automation, customer-ease with self-configuration, improved graphical interface and user experience, increased API integration with third-party authentication, automated time and attendance tracking, and increased workflow functionality. Version7 with new, innovative and additional functionality is already in development, set to be released in early 2021.

The new features also include additional functionalities, report generation for leave, expenses, and time; tracked activities overview; employee assessment for managers can use to notify employees; pending leave change requests and user leave change approval; and a complete contacts UI overhaul.

❝ We left no stones unturned when it came to our HR Artis revamp, which we are very excited to release this month. As our most intuitive HR app, with increased functionality and features, we are encouraging all business owners to consider downloading HR Artis to efficiently manage their workforce today.” Kyle Hulley, Lead Developer for HR Artis. ❞