Organized workforce data for structured evaluations

Organized workforce data for structured evaluations.

Streamline employee appraisal through detailed employee reports.
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Enable accurate employee insight with accessible digital reports
Improve efficiency and decision-making in your business.
Easy and quick access to detailed reports to improve business efficiency. Our HR solution enables managers to effectively track employee activity. Through digital dashboards you can quickly access reports based on your team. Our report solution is structured to be professional and configurable. The report feature intertwines attendance, expenses and assessments to compile a detailed report on employees to assist with employee appraisal or disciplinary actions. Our HR solution is functional meaning that all employee reports can be accessed through different devices and on a global level.  
Enable an effective workflow in your team with accurate reports that showcase all employee data. Increase business productivity with a report feature that showcase the weak points in employees. Empower your employees with a digital solution that enables personal growth. Our report solution is accessible and efficient as it automatically uploads new data into the report. View the different reports in different formats to fast track all HR aspects in your business.
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Enabling early adversity detection through detailed reports
Detailed reporting based on accurate employee monitoring.


Employee appraisals

Effective workflow planning

Efficient communication

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Automated employee data collection solution for structured reports
Keep track of all your employee activities with comprehensive reports.

Accurate data

Empower your business with an application that collects accurate data and creates custom reports on employees. Innovate your business with accurate data based on employee expenses, leave request, assessments and time and attendance patterns. HR Artis compiles detailed reports in a functional method.

Employee monitoring

Enable effective employee monitoring through detailed reports. HR Artis compiles reports on all employee information to give managers the ability to monitor all employees and the teams related to them. Create effective workflow calculations with accurate employee data.

Efficient communication

Create efficient communication in your business through our HR application. Through detailed reports you can enable accurate communication with employees to ensure that business goals are met. Create effective communication through access to contact details and by sending requests to employees to enable business growth.

Operational efficiency

Fast track your administration needs with an application that stores all employee information including performance reports. Through detailed reports effective workflow calculations can be created to ensure business efficiency. Reach new heights with detailed reports that fast track employee information.
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Effective, reliable and accurate workflow calculations.
Effective, reliable and accurate workflow calculations.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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