Confidential grievance feature for a safe work environment

Confidential grievance feature for a safe work environment

Fast track the resolution of workplace grievances.
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Gain the freedom to control your work environment
Simplify your grievance process with a single software solution.
Enable employees to submit grievances on a professional and confidential level. Our HR application is user-friendly and enables step by step assistance in the completion of grievance forms. Managers have the ability to view and assess grievances and take the necessary steps. With secure access to the HR application employees can securely log grievances without the pressure of other employees viewing it. All grievance reports are linked to the relevant employee reports to ensure relevant detail about all employees.  
Empower your employees by giving them the freedom to be in control of their daily experience in the business environment. Our HR solution enables employees to have global access, and to make grievances on a global level. Through functionality managers can access grievance reports on multiple devices and in pdf format. All grievance reports are linked to the relevant manager who takes the situation further. Create a safe and compliance friendly environment for your employees with a secure grievance feature.
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User-friendly and effective software to safeguard your workforce
Resolve grievances through a reliable and innovative application.

Positive work environment

Device compatible

Safeguard employees

Alert notifications

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User-friendly application that empowers your employees
Intuitive technology that promotes accessibility and inclusion.


Through a user-friendly application your employees have secure access to the grievance feature. Create a positive work environment where your employees have direct access to the grievance feature with a globally accessible and mobile compatibility application. Empower your business with accessible features.

Guided assistance

Empower your business with a HR application that offers guided assistance to your employees. Empower your employees with an application that guided them step by step to fill in the correct forms and details. Easy configuration enables easy and swift access to all the HR features.
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Safe environment

Innovate your business through the creation of a safe work environment. By giving your employees the power to log grievances in a classified manner you create a safe and positive environment. Empower your employees with an accessible application that enables them to make complaints.

Accurate data

Our HR application empowers manager to gain access to detailed employee reports to assist in the resolving of employee grievances. Managers and HR reps have complete access to the relevant employee data to fast track the resolution process of all grievances. Through the classified process only the relevant people are informed of the grievance.
Gain the freedom to control your work environment.
Gain the freedom to control your work environment.

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