Enhance visibility with reliable and robust technology

Enhance visibility with reliable and robust technology

Fast track your expense needs with HR Artis.
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Stay in control of expense applications and approval tracking
Empower your business with effective functionality in one software solution.
Submit and approve expenses with a user-friendly application that is device compatible. Our HR solution innovates your business to fill in expense reports and attach relevant documents. Attach multiple documents to expense reports to enable effective bookkeeping abilities. Receive notifications when expenses have been submitted and when they have been approved. Empower your managers with hassle-free document viewing in pdf formatting. Streamline the approval of expenses with an application that is equipped with dashboards that show all requests that need approval.  
The expense feature enables employees to view all their personal expense requests and the ones that have been approved. Innovate your managers to view all team reports and to streamline the approvals. Enable effective bookkeeping with a feature that links to your accounting software. After approvals your accounting team is notified of expenses and receive the relevant documents to streamline the payroll process. Empower your business with an application that allows for fast and effective expense management.
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Gain real-time insight into all expense request through detailed reports
Safeguard your business against any form of fraud with a secure HR application.

Streamline approvals

Digital dashboards

Reduce processing time

Operational efficiency

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Automated expense reports assigned to relevant employees
Innovate your workforce with a globally accessible expense feature.

24/7 Support

Empower your business with a HR application that offers your business a 24/7 support system that offers end-to-end assistance. Resolve any technical issues on your HR application with a support desk that is globally accessible. Minimize your business downtime with an application that includes an effective support desk.

Paper elimination

Our HR solution enables an eco-friendly solution for your business. Employees can digitally add their expense reports and receipts to their reimbursement request. Empower your business with a solution that is digital and eliminates the use of excessive paper. Modernize your business with an application that is global and digital.
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Quicker reimbursement

Streamline the payment of reimbursement with a digital solution. Our HR application streamlines the approval and application of expense requests. Enhance employee satisfaction with a digital solution that enables managers to approve expenses and fast track the reimbursement process.

Fewer errors

Through a secure digital solution you can minimize errors. Innovate your employees with an application that reduces data-entry errors and flags duplicated entries and showcases overpayment. Our HR application is equipped with next generation features that showcase any data-entry mistakes as soon as they occur.

Configure your HR management to suit your industry needs.
Configure your HR management to suit your industry needs.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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