Make convenience key with effortless document uploads

Make convenience key with effortless document uploads

Enabling a paperless environment for your business.
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Reimagine your document sharing solution with HR Artis
Revamp your HR abilities with a time-saving application.
Encouraging digital transformation, HR Artis enables businesses to go paperless as all employee documents are virtually uploaded. The document feature enables your HR staff to upload documents to the relevant employee profile. With password encryption your employees can securely access their documents. Our document feature enables businesses to upload employee contracts, payslips and other virtual documents. Improve operational efficiency and decrease time spent collecting relevant documentation with instant notification.  
Store all employee documents in a centralized location that is accessible on a global scale. Securely upload, view, manage and download employee documentation with our HR application. Empower your workforce to access documents in pdf format and to send it to relevant people. Make the most of your reports through a user-friendly viewing portal that is tailored to your business. Enable convenience in your business with easy access to business documents.
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Providing your business with a secure and reliable application
Centralized document solution for your business.

24/7 support

User Friendly

Easy Uploads

Centralized location

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Secure access to employee documentation
Swift access to employee records through one software solution.

Document styling

Empower your business with effective document styling that enables employees to access their documents in pdf format in the viewing portal. Style your business documents to include your business logo to authenticate the validity of it. Empower your employees with accessibility of your document styling.

Sending abilities

Innovate your business with our HR application that permits employees to mail their documents. Send personal documents to private email addresses to enhance reading compatibility. Enable efficient planning and budgeting with a sending feature that fast tracks the viewing of business related documents.
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Operational efficiency

Our HR application enables operational efficiency as it streamlines the uploading of documents with drag and drop features. Fast track the sending of important documents to employees with a feature that is created to implement efficiency. Minimize paper usage with an application that is effective and responsive.


Keep track of all important document uploads with an alert notification feature. Notify all your employees when their documents are uploaded to ensure they are up to date with all their paperwork. With secure access your employees can access their documents with ease. Notifications are automatically sent to all employees when documents are uploaded.
Digital transformation for a structured and organized workforce.
Digital transformation for a structured and organized workforce.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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