Enabling compliance and privacy with disciplinary actions

Enabling compliance and privacy with disciplinary actions

Fast track your formal disciplinary action process with HR Artis.
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Intuitive technology that enables a confidential disciplinary process
Intuitive disciplinary action process optimizer.
Enable consistent professionalism in your business with a feature that enables the start of the disciplinary process. Our HR solution enables managers to send the relevant disciplinary form to the relevant employee. Fast track the setup of the disciplinary process with automation that enables employees to fill in the form on the application and send it back. Our HR application enables managers to send formal disciplinary letters to employees to digitally start the process.  
Equip your business with an application that fast tracks the start of a disciplinary process. Enable a formal and professional disciplinary process in your business with an application that includes the relevant employee to the relevant case. Ensure a clean view of the relevant documents through an application that allows access to documents through pdf viewing. Have access to all employee documents during the disciplinary process with a secure and globally accessible application.
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User-friendly disciplinary process that guides you every step of the way
Upload and send document in a secure manner to fast track the process.

Global access

Access control

Alert notification

Formal action

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Scalable disciplinary process solution
Revamp the way you begin your disciplinary action.

Compliance enforcement

Our HR application fast tracks the process of disciplinary action. We have integrated labour laws to ensure compliance enforcement. Protect your business and employees with an application that enforces compliance to ensure that disciplinary actions are resolved effectively and positively.

Detailed report

We have connected our disciplinary action feature with reports to ensure that all information of employees are relevant and accurate. Enable an effective workforce that showcase all details including past and present disciplinary actions to ensure that you plan an effective workflow. Fast track the resolution of disciplinary actions with updated employee reports.
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Classified process

Safeguard the reputation of employees with a classified disciplinary process. Our HR application enforces privacy as formal letters are sent to relevant employees from managers to prevent discrimination. Protect your employees from bullying with an application that values privacy.


Fast track the start of disciplinary actions with a request feature that is user-friendly and accessible. Empower managers to start the process by sending requests to the relevant employees. Through privacy regulations requests are sent to the employee personally through the application to ensure the privacy and efficiency in the situation.
Transform your accountability process with HR Artis.
Transform your accountability process with HR Artis.

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