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Centralized employee information database for effective communication

Centralized employee information database for effective communication

Accurate details of current employees.
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Effective communication through swift access to employee information
Innovative technology that empowers your business.
View employee profiles from a centralized application. Our HR solution enables employees to update their personal information if it changes, to ensure consistent communication between employees and managers. View employees according to their job titles and access their public information and their shift schedule. Our contacts feature enables functionality to ensure detailed access to employee information. Empower your employees to access extension numbers and emails to streamline the communication and to ensure effective workflow.  
Gain quick access to specific contacts with a built in search feature. Access employee details on the go with a user-friendly application that is device compatible to ensure global access. Store all your employee information in one centralized place, have access to employee job titles, names, birthdays and business contact details. Keep your business connected with a functional feature that enables employees to view their own personal profile and the private documents linked to them. Have access to employee information in a structured manner that lists all employees by job title.
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Unify your business with a multi-facet HR application
Empower your workforce with intuitive technology.

Public profiles

Shift scheduling

Global access

Effective workflow

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Enable functionality with an intuitive HR application
Accessible contact information in one application.

Search feature

Our HR application is equipped an advances search feature that enables employees to find contact details of other employees and managers. Keep your entire business connected with an efficient and centralized database that permits access to contact details through a search button.

Device compatibility

Empower your business with an application that is compatible to Microsoft, IOS and Android. We offer your business an application that is accessible by all your employees. Streamline all your HR needs with a secure application that is intuitive and compatible to all major devices. Keep track of all your employees with HR Artis.


Never forget an employee birthday with the birthday feature on HR Artis. Innovate your workforce with an application that includes their birthday details on their contact page to create a positive work environment for all your employees. Through quick access all public employee information is accessible on HR Artis.

Leave schedule

Achieve more with an application that links employee leave schedules to their contact details. Have the knowledge when employees are on leave with a contact form that showcase the days they are on leave. Enable effective communication with automated updates on leave schedules and the employee it is linked to.
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Enabling efficiency through global access to employee information.
Enabling efficiency through global access to employee information.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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