Effective employee assessments that innovate your workflow

Effective employee assessments that innovate your workflow

Empower your workforce with assessments that initiate appraisal.
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Coordinate business growth with innovative employee assessments
Improve your employee team work capabilities.
Empower your workforce capabilities to create and generate assessments to monitor and track employee performance. Enable employee coordination with a digital dashboard that allows employees to view, take part in and submit the relevant employee assessment. Create assessments relevant to your team ensure coordination in your team and to ensure effective workflow. Our HR application enables user-friendly access to assessments that evaluate every employee to enable accurate data based on every employee. Employees can securely access assessments with a notification system that is automated.  
Streamline the assessment process with a reliable application that enables managers to create and generate assessments. With digital dashboards managers have the ability to view the status of assessment and to navigate assessment reports and have an overview of all assessment processes. Fast track your entire assessment process to be digital and accessible. Effortlessly perform assessments, view results and consolidate with employees on a global scale with instant access.
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Create effective, reliable and robust assessments on HR Artis
Fast track your leave application process.

Performance standards

Company goals

Improve teamwork

Workflow efficiency

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Uncover new business opportunities with effective workforce assessments
Optimize your business abilities through versatile assessments.

Device compatibility

Empower your employees to access and complete HR generated assessments. Our HR application is device compatible to all major devices meaning your employees can access the assessments on multiple devices and on the go. Through global access your employees can securely login to HR Artis and complete the assessment.


Uncover employee shortcomings with effective assessments. Empower your business to grow with regular testing that uncovers shortcomings to enable personal employee growth. HR Artis enables your business to create and implement assessments that assist your business in uncovering shortcomings.

Employee appraisals

Fast track your employee appraisal abilities through online assessments. Innovate your employees to conduct assessments through the HR Artis application to fast track the employee appraisal process. Digitize your assessment solution to be effective and accessible. Receive detailed reports on assessments to assist with employee appraisals.

Workflow planning

Enable effective workflow with accurate data from assessments. Our HR application enables your business to receive detailed reports and to effectively plan workflow that improves your business productivity. Gain a competitive advantage with an assessment solution that gives accurate insight.
Enable business continuity with accurate employee assessments.

Enable business continuity with accurate employee assessments.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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