Eliminate manual work with a digital attendance software solution

Eliminate manual work with an effective and reliable attendance software solution.

Visualize your employee capabilities on HR Artis.
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Intuitive technology that enables employee transparency with attendance tracking
Combat time theft with a practical software solution.
Digitize your time and attendance solution to be effective and efficient. Our HR solution is equipped with digital dashboard to enable fast clock in and clocking out for your employees. Our comprehensive solution enforce compliance and productivity with simple clock in and clock out features. Empower your employees through an application that enables them to set project time allocations and to access their shift schedules. Our HR solution enables managers to access attendance reports and to post shift schedules on employee profiles to ensure effective workflows.  
Streamline the tracking of attendance in your workforce and eliminate errors with a digital solution that is equipped with biometrics. Eliminate manual work through a digital solution that is device compatible to enable efficient clock in and clock out abilities. Our HR solution includes dashboards to visually view reports, project time allocation and employee shifts. Streamline your business with a digital solution that enables effective management and viewing of all employee activity.
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A comprehensive solution that enables compliance and productivity
Enabling convenience and efficiency in one application.

Effective shift management

Efficient payroll processing

Secure access control

Employee accountability

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Intuitive technology that enables complete employee transparency
User-friendly technology that innovates your business.

Access control

Our HR application is encrypted with access control and biometrics to heighten the security for your employees. Innovate your workforce with hassle-free time and attendance solution that can only be accessed by secure passwords and facial recognition. Protect your employee data and fast track the clock in process with HR artis.

Digital dashboard

Innovate your business with an application that fast tracks the clock in process with buttons on digital dashboards. Enable efficiency in your business with a clock in system that is accessible over multiple devices. Customize your application to showcase dashboards that enable effective clock in and clock out for your employees.
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24/7 Support

HR Artis is equipped with a 24/7 support solution that offers your business end-to-end assistance. Ensure that accurate attendance is recorded with an application that offers global assistance to all our clients. Empower your workforce with a digital application that is accessible and effective.

Digital reports

Managers receive detailed reports of all their team members, the reports include time and attendance. Keep track of all your employees through digital dashboards that upload regularly. Have detailed reports to enable effective appraisal in your business. Through functionality all reports are user-friendly and understandable.
HR Artis, a centralized database software solution.
HR Artis, a centralized database software solution.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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