Automate your leave request process with HR Artis.

Automate your leave request process with HR artis

An all-in-one application for hassle-free leave applications.
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Expedite your leave requests with a user-friendly application
Enable law compliance with virtual leave application.
Empower your workforce to apply for leave through an effective solution that is user-friendly. Our innovative HR solution enables you to customize and manage all types of leave while on the go. Through device compatibility you can access the application on any device to apply for leave. Through an innovative leave function you can access who is on leave and till when. Streamline leave approval with a feature that automatically updates when an employee applies for leave. Digitize the way you apply and approve leave to enable an efficient workforce.
Have the ability to approve and reject leave of employees. With a descriptive leave form feature the application for leave is thorough and detailed. Through a step by step form al leave applications have the ability to specify hours to ensure the continuation of your workflow. Digitize your HR capabilities with an application that send notification on all leave matters. Through digital dashboards you can effectively plan your workflow with all employees that are present. Transform your business with swift access to view, approve and reject leave requests made by employees.
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Create a positive work environment with a customizable application
Fast track your leave application process.

Seamless integration

Device compatible

24/7 support

All-in-one dashboard

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Effective time saving solution that modernizes your workforce
Streamline the managing of all leave types in your business.

Paperwork elimination

Empower your business with an application that minimizes your paperwork in terms of leave. Innovate your employees to virtually apply for their leave in a secure and accessible application. Gain an eco-friendly advantage with an application that eliminates paperwork. Fast track your leave application with a digital solution.

Effective communication

Our HR application enables your business to fast track effective communication. Through an application your workforce can enable effective communication by applying for leave online. Increase your business productivity with an application that enables effective communication in terms of requests and approvals.
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Complete visibility

Innovate your business with a secure application that showcases all leave requests in one location. Through global access you can access all leave request as a manager and approve them. Empower your employees to apply for leave on a device compatible application that enables complete view on all their requests.

Comprehensive dashboard

Our HR application enables your business to access all leave requests from a user-friendly dashboard. Fast track your leave approvals by accessing all requests in one location. Customize your application to showcase dashboards that are relevant to your needs. Enable efficiency through complete visibility that is accessible through dashboards.
Simplify your leave application process with HR Artis.
Simplify your leave application process with HR Artis.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

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