Encrypting employee data with biometrics

Encrypting employee data with biometrics

Protect your employees through facial recognition protection
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Transform your business operations with innovative technology
Coordinate predictive analytics with effective access control.
Empower your workforce with a security solution that is biometric. Our HR application is encrypted with biometrics to authenticate every users and to heighten the security on private information. Empower your employees with an application that ensures the protection of their documents, such as their payslips, business contracts and banking information. Enable convenience with protection in your business. With a tailored application you can enable the facial recognition feature to enhance your security and the protection of your employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.  
Enable the facial recognition feature with the clock in solution to ensure the physical and virtual protection of your employees. Our biometric solution is user-friendly when it comes to uploading the picture and information of your employees. Streamline your business attendance abilities with future driven technology. Enable a hands-free approach in your business with a multi-facet application. Prevent data-loss or the theft of private information with a biometric solution that authenticates every user.
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Built-in privacy protection to innovate your workforce
Intertwining convenience with security.

24/7 support

Non-invasive verification

Faster processing

Automated identification

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Enabling both virtual and physical protection for your business
Simplify your sign in process with future driven technology.

Seamless integration

Our HR application enables seamless integration of a facial recognition feature. Seamlessly add employee faces into your application database to enable secure access to employee profiles. Link your facial recognition feature with your clock in feature to safeguard your employees from illnesses and to fast track the clock in process.

Heightened security

Heighten your application security with facial recognition. Authenticate every user with a secure application that accesses the employee profile with the employee face. Empower your business with an application that is heightened in protection to safeguard private documents and prevent data-loss.

Attendance monitoring

Receive accurate attendance data from our facial recognition feature. Our HR application enables your business the ability to track all employee activities through facial recognition. Empower your employees to clock in with a facial recognition solution to fast track the attendance monitoring abilities.

Time saving

Enable social distancing in your business with a time saving solution. HR Artis is encrypted with facial recognition to safeguard your employees from illnesses and to fast track the clock in solution. Enable an efficient clock in solution with facial recognition that eliminates the manual aspect and replaces it with a digital one.
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Revamp the way you do business with HR Artis.
Revamp the way you do business with HR Artis.

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