Self-service HR Management App with easy access and secure digital dashboards

Secure application that enables visibility with custom dashboards

Global access to workforce data and reports with an easy to deploy, configurable HR App. Monitor employee performance using customizable and scalable dashboards with 24/7 support.
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Self-service HR management App that is accessible and secure
Monitor employee performance with readily available configurable and scalable dashboards.
Access workforce data, activities and reports with our innovative dashboards from anywhere on any device. Customize your HR app to visualize all employee activity and reports through user-friendly digital dashboards. Monitor employee performance with readily available, configurable and scalable dashboards . Easy access and visibility for effective business modernization at R42.00 per user. Our HR Application includes 24/7 support to simplify your HR needs.
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User-friendly and customizable application for your HR needs
Advanced digital dashboards that enable complete activity overview.

Workforce transparency

Employee monitoring

Complete business overview

Effective workflow planning

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Improve business efficiency with an accessible and detailed feature
Global access to all your business activities.

Unique overview

Enabling a complete customized overview of all your employee activities.


Step by step assistance to set up custom dashboards.

Detailed reports

Have access to all employee schedules for effective workflow planning.


Have access to all employee schedules for effective workflow planning.
Gain a competitive advantage through customizable digital dashboards
Enabling swift access to your workforce needs.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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