Secure application that enables visibility with custom dashboards

Secure application that enables visibility with custom dashboards

Receive accurate insight based on employee activities.
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Intuitive technology that enables complete activity overview
Enabling an effective monitoring solution.
Customize your HR app to visualize all employee activity and reports. Through user-friendly digital dashboards your business can track all projects, clocked in employees and monitor the workflow. Track your employees with a configurable application that permits a unique overview of all activities. Create dashboards to streamline the access to the most important data of your employees. Empower your workforce with an application that enables dashboards to see their leave request, expense requests and approvals.  
Innovate your business with a unique landing view featuring digital dashboards that show all projects relevant to your employees. Have an overview of all your employee shifts and leave schedules through one application. Keep track of all your assessments, deadlines, disciplinary actions and attendance buttons with digital dashboards that ensure an accurate view. Through automated updates your dashboards showcase relevant data.
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User-friendly and customizable application for your HR needs
Advanced digital dashboards that enable complete activity overview.

Workforce transparency

Employee monitoring

Complete business overview

Effective workflow planning

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Improve business efficiency with an accessible and detailed feature
Global access to all your business activities.

Unique overview

Our HR application enables your business to have a complete customized overview of all your employee activities. Choose the dashboards you want to showcase to enable efficient management. Keep track of all your employee activities ensure an effective workflow. HR Artis is designed to fast track your workflow capabilities.


Seamless configuration enables effective management. Give your business the advantage of a user-friendly application that guides your business step by step. Seamlessly configure your HR Artis application to showcase your important dashboards to enable swift access to employee data.

Detailed reports

Gain accurate insight to all your employee activities with an application that intertwines your dashboards with detailed reports to enable managers to make accurate workflow decisions. Empower your business with a single software solution that intertwines all your data to give your accurate insight.


Through accurate dashboards managers and employees are able to see all formal request and their status. Stay in control of all your HR needs with a secure application that notifies managers of new requests and showcase them in order on your digital dashboards. Give your business a competitive advantage with effective digital dashboards.
Enabling swift access to your workforce needs.
Enabling swift access to your workforce needs.

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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