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Enhance corporate culture with HR Artis through transparency, self-service and configuration.
Enhancing businesses and corporate culture and with HR Artis

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Complete access to a global HR solution.


Hassle-free installation on all devices.

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A simplified, personalized experience.

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Secure storage of all your documents.

Global Access


24/7 Support

Cloud based


HRArtis version 6

Bring your workforce to life with innovative technology.
HR Artis, a global Human Resources Software company, this week announced they are launching a new and improved version of their workforce management mobile solution: HR Artis. Built to helpĀ organizations efficiently manage their most important-asset, their people.

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Empowering employees with a simplified, personalized experience that meets their individual needs.


Provide employees with an easy to use HR application that is secure and convenient.


Simplify your HR management through an application that automatically updates information after it is entered.


User-friendly application that is configurable to every company and user, simplifying innovative interactions.

Secure Documents

Upload personnel documents securely onto our HR software that authenticates every user.

Global Access

A cloud based solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Centralized Database

Have access employee contact details through a connected database that links all your employees.

Viewing Portal

Enjoy a simplified viewing portal that shows all uploaded documents in PDF format, easy to download and print.
Our Customer Testimonials

Enterprise Outsourcing

"As a global organization we struggled to find an HR solution that will allow us to enter all our employee information, but with HR Artis we were able to add all our employees to the software solution and it is accessible on any device on a global scale."

DBA Architect

"Our team of analytical experts value detailed reports that showcase all our workforce data. HR Artis compiles detailed reports based on time and attendance, leave schedules and expenses, this has made tracking all the data easier for us."

eNew Media

"As creative individuals we value the simplistic design and user-friendly technology that HR Artis offers, we enjoy the customizable dashboards that organise all our information and reports securely."

Secured Enterprise

"As a cybersecurity company we value protection above all else, HR Artis safeguards all our employee information with biometrics and securely in the cloud. All the information is accessible to authenticated users."

Enterprise Unify

"Our team has been using HR Artis and it has saved us a lot of time and money. Through easy set up each member can securely access all their employee information from one location."
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Enhancing corporate culture through HR Artis.

HR Artis offers businesses the ability to create a positive workforce environment by giving their employees endless abilities…

Our unique configurable HR solution.

The setup process of HR Artis is unique and user-friendly, due to the configurator each company has the power to choose…

Eliminating paper based HR processes

HR Artis was created to eliminate the use of paper-based system and to fast track any HR process in a unique and quick manner…

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HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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