Eliminating paper based HR processes

Eliminating paper based HR processes

The new digital age has granted businesses many opportunities that will benefit them and enable them to be more efficient. Yet many businesses have retained their HR processes by keeping them paper based, which has instilled a sense of uncertainty in many workforces. As uncertainty creeps into a workforce it can negatively affect the culture of any business. We have created a digital HR solution that will ensure a positive culture in any business and empower your employees through accessibility.

HR Artis was created to eliminate the use of paper-based system and to fast track any HR process in a unique and innovative manner. Our application developers have taken every aspect of the HR processes and turned them into one digital solution. The design is clean and professional, it has been developed to be user-friendly and to enable any user to understand the application and use it with ease.

Through device compatibility your workforce can access all their data through one secure application. Our digital solution enables your workforce to clock in and out through the use of geo-locating for quick and efficient time management, which eliminates manual systems and protects them during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The unique layout of HR Artis enables companies to upload all necessary employee documents to each individual profile and users can only access their own personal documents from their own profiles. Each document is safeguarded with a personalized password that authenticates each user.

We have eliminated paper-based HR processes with a solution that enables any workforce to digitally apply for leave and expenses. This has created transparency in the work environment by granting applicants the ability to view their status. All approvals are done through the HR Artis application and it notifies the user of the approval or rejection.

HR Artis has been developed to create an eco-friendly solution for businesses by eliminating the use of paper. Access workforce data through a configurable application that enables you to create dashboards that fit your business needs. Eliminate paper wastage through a device compatible solution that includes all your necessary HR features.

Our HR solution has empowered companies to start grievances and disciplinary actions in a confidential and compliant manner, inform necessary users of any actions through private notifications and prevent any information from being lost or exposed by uploading relevant data to particular profiles. Protect your business and workforce from misprinted information or lost documents with a digital solution.

HR Artis is a digital solution that offers your business the ability to create a business culture that sees its workforce as more than a number and more like a valued team member. Store and access workforce contact details through a secure application. Each profile is configurable to each user, to offer them a personalized view.

Enter the digital age with innovative technology that grants transparency by offering your workforce the ability to track their time and attendance, leave and expense application status. Turn your business into an eco-friendly environment with a digital HR solution that includes all the necessary features in one. Access all your workforce data on a global scale from any device at any time. Implement simplicity in your business by installing HR Artis and empower your employees through it.