Empowering your Workforce

Enhance corporate culture with HR Artis through transparency, self-service and configuration. Empowering businesses with secure global access to workforce data.
Empowering businesses with secure global access to workforce data.


Hassle-free installation on all devices

24/7 Support

End-to-end assistance on a global scale.

Cloud based

Secure cloud storage of all your workforce documents

Global Access

Complete access to a global HR solution.

Why Choose HR Artis ?
Empower your workforce with an easy, configurable and automated HR management app that enables self-service.
  • Empowering workforces with swift global access to data and reports with an easy and integratable digital solution.

  • HR artis has been built to bring your workforce together with streamlined scheduling, effortless communication and secure access to information.

Simplify your Workforce management in 3 Easy steps


Sign Up for Free with your business email address.


Configure your business in a few easy steps.


Manage your workforce with HR Artis



Empowering employees with
a simplified, personalized
experience that meets their
individual needs.


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Provide employees with
an easy to use HR
application that is
secure and convenient.



Simplify your HR management
through an application that
automatically updates
information after it is entered.



User-friendly application that is
configurable to every company
and user, simplifying
innovative interactions.

Choose a plan that's suited for your business
We cater for a wide range of business models and sizes.

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Enhancing corporate culture through HR Artis.

HR Artis offers businesses the ability to create a positive workforce environment by giving their employees endless abilities…

Our unique configurable HR solution.

The setup process of HR Artis is unique and user-friendly, due to the configurator each company has the power to choose…

Eliminating paper based HR processes

HR Artis was created to eliminate the use of paper-based system and to fast track any HR process in a unique and quick manner…

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HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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