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Human Resources for the Digital Age

Human Resources
for the Digital Age

HR Artis to launch new version of workforce management mobile application.

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Facial Recognition

This feature provides employees access to their information in a convenient and safe manner.

Digital Dashboards

Use the unique reports and activities features to easily keep track of your team.


Simplified user experience whilst creating user-friendly and innovative interactions.


Enabling a simplified, personalized experience that ensures individual user’s needs are met.
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Enabling easy Workforce collaboration
HR Artis' features designed for your business
  • Leave

    Managers are able to swiftly access, view, approve and reject leave requests made by employees.

  • Approvals

    Approving employee expenses and leave is effortless with innovative navigation and easy access to all approvals on your dashboards.

  • Expenses

    Categorize expenses for better accounting purposes, empowering employees to take action and manage their claims.

  • Time & Attendance

    Ensuring managers can track, implement and approve employees time and attendance with innovative workflow features.

  • Contacts

    View your contacts in an efficient and fresh way with our complete back to front UI overhaul.

  • Documents

    Upload employee contracts, payslips and relevant documentation for easy access and viewing from anywhere.

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