Empower your Employees through a Virtual Organization

Share vital information through dynamic communication.
Meet the Demands of your Workforce
Configure HR Artis to suit your industry needs.

Logistics & Supply

Time keeping is an essential part of this industry, HR Artis is able to give you flawless time and attendance.

Mining & Energy

We have created a solution that keeps you up to date with all scheduling and other processes.



Serve your complex needs across all functions and locations of your business.


Our solution which is adaptable to manufacturing industry, by means of applying for leave and expenses.


Consumer Goods

HR Artis provides retail-specific solutions to help you effectively manage your entire workforce.


We make education efficient, HR Artis has the ability to streamline all running's of your business.

HR Artis Version 6

Bring your workforce to life with innovative technology.
HR Artis, a global Human Resources Software company, this week announced they are launching a new and improved version of their workforce management mobile solution: HR Artis. Built to help organizations efficiently manage their most important-asset people, the new HR Artis will support workforce management, increased team productivity, vital information sharing in consolidated workspaces through professional and dynamic communication, and a unique, agile customer service experience that promotes excellence within the organization.
Transformational HR for everyone

HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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