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Increase employee satisfaction as they take control of their leave digitally.
Our innovative HR solution enables you to customize and manage all types of leave while you are on the go. Easily approve or reject leave, request specific hours, view who is on leave or any upcoming leave on our digital dashboards and receive leave requests and upcoming leave notifications.


Make convenience a key feature in your workforce with simple, on the go approvals.
Our comprehensive solution supports multiple expense approvals, for individual employees, enabling managers to easily control multiple requests per employee. HR Artis ensures leave and expense approvals are swift, easy to view on our digital dashboards, apply for and submit from any device and any location.


Expense management made easy with automated expense applications.
Easily and quickly submit expense requests using quick links or by navigating through the application with ease. Managers are able to view team expense reports as well as view all expense according to their status. Receive notifications when expenses have been submitted and when they have been approved or rejected. Employees are also able to view their own current, approved and outstanding expenses on their expense report shown on their digital dashboards.
Ready to Integrate our Innovative solution into your Workplace?
Ready to Integrate our Innovative solution into your Workplace?

Facial Recognition

Hands-free secure authentication to your organization and information.

Our facial recognition  access control feature provides employees with access to their information in a convenient and safe manner. This innovative feature assists with both enhancing the security of the organizations and protecting employees health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Time & Attendance

Effectively manage your workforce with digital time and attendance tracking.
HR Artis automates time and attendance tracking ultimately eliminating manual work and reducing errors. Our comprehensive solution enforces compliance and productivity with simple clock in and clock out features, access to visual reports, project time allocations and employee shifts to easily manage and view all employee activity.


Quick access to employee information on hand, on the go.
HR Artis allows you to view all employee profiles in a centralized place, accessible from anywhere. Gain shift access to all employees public profile information from names and job titles to their contact information. View employees according to their job titles and gain quick access to specific contacts using the built in search feature.


Ensure a structured workforce with easy access to employee documentation.
Securely upload, view, manage and download employee documentation in a single centralized location that can be conveniently accessed by the employee from anywhere at any time. Encouraging digital transformation, HR Artis enables businesses to go paperless as all employee records including contracts, payslips and other vital documentation is stored digitally, improving operational efficiency and decreasing time spent collecting relevant documentation with instant notifications. 
Experience has no Replacement. Sign up for your Free 60 day Trial now.
Experience has no Replacement. Sign up for your Free 60 day Trial now.


Manage the actions of your workforce professionally.
This feature enables managers to begin the disciplinary process involving the specified team member. Relevant forms are provided to be filled out and this feature allows for formal disciplinary letters to be submitted after the request has been sent. The relevant employee will receive the appropriate letter and disciplinary details and the formal process of traditional disciplinaries can be setup and begun.


Create workforce transparency with advanced digital dashboards.
Visualize employee activity and reports with our innovative digital dashboards. Manage all of your workforces’ data and activity in one single workspace. Streamline your workforce, monitor activity and performance with our highly configurable application and oversee your employees with a unique overview of all their most important data.


Enhance your workforces coordination with digitally generated assessments.
Managers are able to create and generate assessments to monitor and track employee performance. Our innovative assessment dashboard allows employees to view, take and submit the relevant employee assessments, as well as allow managers to view assessment statuses, navigate through already generated assessments, view assessment reports and an overview of the assessment process.


Manage workflow and activities efficiently with instant, interactive reports.
HR Artis provides managers and their employees with detailed reports, improving business efficiency and ensuring all employee activity is tracked and presented in a well-organized and structured manner. Extract meaningful business information and make use of the attendance, expenses and leave reports for appraisal.


Empower and protect your workforce with this classified and easy to use feature.
This feature enables employees to submit grievances in a classified and user-friendly manner. Empower your employees by giving them the freedom to be in control of their every day experience in the business environment. Review detailed reports of old and current applications and receive up to date notifications once applications have been logged.

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