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Finding an all in one HR solution is a challenge for any business. Paper based HR processes create challenges such as lost documents and receipts, long leave and expense application and approval process, non-confidential grievance processes as people can view the papers on desks and you lose valuable data with documents that get lost. Retrieving and handing in documents become a hassle with paper based processes.
  • Is your HR department using paper based processes?

  • Are you wasting weeks with individual workforce year end assessments?

  • Are you loosing valuable data through lost receipts and leave applications?

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Resolve your workforce challenges with HR Artis
HR Artis is a digital Human Resource Management mobile application that enables transparency through digital applications and document uploads to prevent documents from going missing. Creating confidentiality for each user with secure grievance and assessments features. Save time and money with a centralised, secure and integratable HR application that brings your workforce together.
  • Empowering workforces with swift global access to data and reports with an easy and integratable digital solution.

  • HR artis has been built to bring your workforce together with streamlined scheduling, effortless communication and secure access to information.

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The Benefits of our HR Solution

HR Artis enables self-service for each user.

Empowering employees with a simplified, personalized experience that meets their individual needs.

Our application is easy to use.

Provide employees with an easy to use HR application that is secure and convenient.

Automated updates and uploads of documents.

Simplify your HR management through an application that automatically updates information after it is entered.

HR Artis is configurable to every user’s needs.

User-friendly application that is configurable to every company and user, simplifying innovative interactions.

Password protected documents for each user.

Upload personnel documents securely onto our HR software that authenticates every user.

Simplify workforce management from anywhere.

A cloud based solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Centralised access to all workforce data.

Have access employee contact details through a connected database that links all your employees.

Unique and protected portal to view documents.

Enjoy a simplified viewing portal that shows all uploaded documents in PDF format, easy to download and print.
Choose a plan that's suited for your business
We cater for a wide range of business models and sizes.
We Provide our HR solution to some of the Worlds greatest clients
We cater for a wide range of business models and sizes.

"Easy to use, self-service innovative mobile HR application- empowering my team! What I love most about HR Artis is how simple and super user-friendly it is for anyone. My team and I love this application! Not only do we appreciate the clean design and sophisticated processes, HR Artis enables me to manage my workforce effectively from viewing Leave summaries to Expenses as well as disciplinaries and employee performances on innovative dashboards."

Tayla V

eNew Media

"Highly effective self service tool for Human Resource Management. Firstly the fact that the product is available as a mobile application making it possible for all employees to access HR Artis at any time from their mobile phone. Leave and expenses can be applied for at any time 24/7 and where ever the employee may be located."

Michelle G.

SA Personnel

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HR Artis is a complete Human 

Capital Management system.

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